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Travel Self-Defence

Travel self defence

Duration : 5 hours

Cost: $110 per person

Date: 13th August 2023

Time: 11am - 4pm

What to bring: Water bottle and towel

Want to feel more safe when travelling?

Personal Safety for ‘gappers’ and Independent Travellers

This workshop prepares individuals to effectively and safely travel while providing them with the knowledge to make informed judgements both prior to and during their journey.

Our workshop has been developed to be effective for the mainstream ‘gapper’ or independent traveller and to deal with the realistic problems which they may encounter during their journey. These problems could be serious enough to cut the journey short and ruin a well planned trip.

Our workshop examines the issues of dealing with aggression and violence, how to prevent these situations escalating and the skills required to manage and resolve them when they do occur. We examine criminal strategies which participants may encounter during their travels, provide an awareness of measures which can be used to reduce risk and how to respond if you do become a victim.

Participants also learn low-impact physical break-away and disengagement techniques which are effective without the use of force or strength being applied. These techniques create opportunities and space in order to allow for the use of conflict resolution skills to de-escalate situations, to call for help or ‘escape’.

Travel Self Defence
Parents As Coaches

Parents As Coaches

Take part in this workshop together with your little one. This workshop is an introductory workshop for our upcoming kids weekly classes. Ages 6 to 9.


This is a great way of spending time with your child. I remember back in the days how much my kids and I were playing Bruce Lee. Even today (when they are 18 and 17 years of age) they are still talking about it. This gave me the idea to teach kids self-defence in a way that their parents can also participate.

Of course it's going to be fun but most importantly they will learn some awesome moves, get confidence and meet new friends.

Parents as coaches
3Rd Party Protection

Third Party Protection

The Krav Maga 3rd party protection (civilian) is the ability to protect your loved ones such as children, family members, friends or colleagues in situations of conflict.

Krav Maga Global training incorporates skills to protect other people in situations of threat and risks.

Third Party Protection skills and tactics are one of the three areas of focus of Krav Maga.

This Class will:

* Teach you the skills needed to protect your loved ones
* Improve your ability to make the best decisions under the stress of a violent confrontation
* Increase your understanding of the principles of Krav Maga and how it makes you safer.

3 rd Party
women self defence

Women Empower Yourself


When training women, one has to take into account a woman’s ability to improve and excel despite her own common misconception of her ability to fight and face physical challenges that require strength or aggressiveness. KMG ‘s training methods for women are based on years of experience, as well as numerous real-life situations in which women found our system to be the most effective. Our Krav Maga for women system provides excellent self-defence skills, producing the highest rate of defence successes in facing various types of attacks. In addition to the technical and tactical training required to gain Krav Maga skills, it is also needed that women acquire the appropriate mental capabilities to support their physical readiness to fight. This includes developing an attitude that allows for determination, persistence and aggression to become a part of the woman’s natural state of mind whenever needed.

In this workshop attendees can expect to learn:

Kidnapping prevention
Rape Prevention
Dealing with chokes
Dealing with bear hugs
Releases from Hair grabs
Wrist releases
Dealing with violent attacks

Duration : 3 hours

Cost: $50 per person

Date: 9th September 2023

Time: 2pm - 5pm

What to bring: Water bottle and towel

vechicle safety workshop


This is the workshop you don't want to miss out on, especially if you are planning to travel overseas.

Krav Maga has been designed to function in any environment - and this includes in vehicle. Andre is very passionate about this workshop, as he survived a hijack attack by 4 armed gunmen.

This workshop will focus on the tactics and skills that you will learn to protect yourself when you are either in the vehicle or around it.

Whether you need to the skills for your job or you just want to feel more capable of defending your loved ones, this Master Class is for you.

This Master workshop will ...

- Teach you the skills needed to protect yourself or loved ones whilst in a vehicle

- Improve your ability to make the best decisions under the stress of a violent confrontation

- Increase your understanding of the principles of Krav Maga and how it makes you safer.

- Being alert and defensive driving by personal experience.

Vechicle Safety Workshop


Survive The Street

Do you have the ability to survive against a drug influenced, armed attacker?

Do you know how to defend your friends or family if they were attacked whilst enjoying a night out?

Train with Andre who experienced real life attacks by surviving a car hijack, another incident - 3 guys one with a knife and being attack while in his vehicle.

In this class, Andre will cover the tactics and skills to deal with an aggressive attacker that you may meet on the street! You will learn how Krav Maga has been used by many people to defend themselves against an attacker who is intent on harming you or your friends and family.

This class will also cover preventative strategies and how to protect others who are people attacked.

This class will...
- Give you the fighting edge in a violent confrontation with a knife!
- Increase your ability to survive an attacker against the most common street attacks!
- Give you tactics and strategies that will save your life against multiple attackers!
- Improve your ability to make decisions under pressure that save lives!

survive stret
 Krav Maga team building

Team Building

Fun and interactive self-defence workshops for your team that could save lives.

The New Zealand Self-Defence Academy runs 2-hour self-defence workshops with many corporate organizations throughout NZ on how to deal with real life violent encounters.

Your team will learn the system of Krav Maga which is a practical and effective self-defence system that teaches you to prevent and overcome all kinds of violent attacks. Your team will have a good workout, have some fun and enjoy practicing the techniques with their colleagues while having some and a laugh.

Regardless of size, strength, age or gender the system we teach is easy to learn and highly effective.

Includes the following:

  • Preventing and avoiding violent attacks

  • Dealing with knife and common object attacks

  • Defending the most common attacks on the street

  • Defending against headlocks, chokes and grabs

  • ….. and more

Team Building
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