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Krav Maga Global Level 1 Curriculum

Krav Maga Practitioner 1 Overview

Level 1 (Practitioner 1) in the Krav Maga Global Curriculum contains the foundation techniques and tactics considered essential to stay safe and to develop the skills required for more advanced Krav Maga techniques.

Krav Maga Practitioner 1 Outcomes

  • You will have the skills to defend your self in a wide range of common self defence situations;

-- Defend the most common types of strikes

-- Execute powerful and efficient counter-attacking combinations to "beat" a bigger/stronger attacker

  • You will increase general conditioning (cardio and strength)

  • Your confidence, determination and mental resilience will increase

Master Your Krav Maga Practitioner 1 Skills

      What you will learn...

  • Fighting Stances & Movement

  • Safe use of training equipment

  • Krav Maga Palm Strikes, Punches, Elbow Strikes, Hammer Strikes

  • Knee Strikes & Kicks

  • Combinations of all types of strikes

  • Identification of vulnerable targets on an attacker & how to strike for maximum effect

  • Defending Standing Chokes & Chokes on the Ground

  • Defending Straight Punches

  • Defending Circular Punches Defending Straight Kicks to the Groin

  • Defending Circular Knife Strikes Protecting yourself if you fall and/or end up on the ground in a fight

  • Tactics to Avoid and Deescalate Potentially Violent Confrontations

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Test Your Krav Maga Skills

Once you have mastered the techniques and tactics in Practitioner one (minimum of 4-months training, but normally ~6-months) you will be eligible to "test" your skills at the next available testing day. Upon passing your test you will be awarded with your Practitioner 1 Diploma and Practitioner 1 Patch.

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