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You are learning from the Krav Maga Global curriculum taught in all Krav Maga Global schools around the world (over 60-countries to date). This curriculum has been designed by Eyal Yanilov. It evolved from the original curriculum designed by Imi Lichtenfeld founder of Krav Maga and Eyal Yanilov his head instructor. It holds true to Imi's original principles but is continually refined to ensure it meets modern self defence problems and latest best practice in self defence and fitness training.

Krav Maga Global Levels

Master the Krav Maga Global curriculum by progressing through the KMG levels.


  • Practitioner Levels: The first Krav Maga Global levels are called the "Practitioner" levels. There are 5 Practitioner levels (numbered 1 to 5) , the first of which is Practitioner 1 (P1).

  • Graduate Levels: Next are the "Graduate" levels and there are 5 of these (G1 to G5). The minimum level for a Krav Maga Global instructor is G1.

  • Expert Levels: These are followed by the "Expert" levels (E1 to E5)

  • Master Levels: These are the highest possible levels. The highest grade presently is Master Eyal Yanilov himself at Master Level 3.

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Krav Maga Diplomas and Patches

We do not wear gis and belts in Krav Maga as Krav Maga has not evolved from the Asian martial arts. Therefore your grades is recognised by diplomas and patches.


The picture at the top of the page shows the patches for each grade. These are sewn to the right leg of the shorts. The picture here shows the KMG diploma you will earn when you pass each level.


All Krav Maga Global grades earned in New Zealand are recognised in any Krav Maga Global club in the world (and we recognise any Krav Maga Global grade earned in another country) as all Krav Maga Global clubs set the same high standards for members and teach the same curriculum in the same way.


Krav Maga Grade Testing

Mastering the Krav Maga techniques and tactics to the required standards should be one of your key objectives as a member. This is achieved by passing a formal test or grading.


It takes about 6-months of regular training to learn the techniques in each level so we set 3-4 testing days throughout the year you can prepare for. Passing your Krav Maga test simply involves demonstrating to the testing team (Krav Maga Instructors) your competence in the techniques in your level (and any levels you have passed previously).


How to be Successful in Your Krav Maga Test

  1. Train regularly

  2. Know what techniques are in your level

  3. Seek to understand the key points of those techniques and strive for excellence in your training

  4. Reinforce your club training by reviewing our online training