Krav Maga Member + Group Training Information

$25 Per Week

24/7 Access To Gym


Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm - 7:30 pm

Saturday morning from

11am - 1pm

Bring water bottle, towel and soft sole shoes 

$80 Per Session

Private Class


Make contact with me and we can arrange the training.

Not only for Krav Maga but also Muay Thai.

Corporate / Workshops / Team Building

Please contact Us For a Quote

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Job Specific Workshops

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We design programs to your immediate thread that can occur in your workplace.

Training Gear

Essential & Recommended Training Gear

Members require the following gear as a minimum to gt the most out of training and stay safe...


  • Club tee-shirt

  • Groin protection

  • Boxing gloves

  • Shin pads


Other recommended items

  • MMA gloves or wraps

  • Mouth protection

  • Wrestling Boots or soft sole shoes