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Eyal Yanilov in New Zealand

Krav Maga Global - #1 Self Defence & TACTICAL Fighting System



KMG is the leading system of its kind in the world, known for its practical and realistic techniques and tactics for avoiding, preventing, deterring, or otherwise handling all types of violent confrontations. It is a modern and evolving system which provides novel solutions for dynamic situations.


KMG’s Krav Maga is an integrated system of self-defence, combat and fighting, third party protection. You will gain benefits in four different areas with our training:


  • Self Defence Techniques

  • Self Defence Tactics

  • Physical Conditioning

  • Mental Conditioning

Benefits of Krav Maga Global Training

Learn From the Source of Krav Maga - Master Eyal Yanilov

Eyal Yanilov
Eyal Yanilov in New Zealand
Eyal Yanilov VIP course
  • Krav Maga has been designed specifically for self defence... so no traditional stuff mucking around, you will learn practical stuff fast

  • Krav Maga does not depend on strength or size. Defeat any attacker by counter attacking to the attacker's vulnerable points

  • Training is fast paced and fun. You will gain an all over body workout while you are learning the skills to defend yourself in real situations.


KMG’s is led internationally by Eyal Yanilov. Eyal was the closest assistant to Imi Letchtenfeld , the founder of Krav Maga.


Born in 1959, Eyal Yanilov began his Krav Maga training in 1974 with Eli Avikzar, (at the time one of the top Krav Maga instructors) and soon afterwards, Eyal began to study Krav-Maga directly under the personal tutelage of Grand Master Imi-Sde Or (Letchtenfeld), the founder of Krav Maga.


In 2010, Eyal established Krav Maga Global (KMG), a global organisation, headquartered in Israel, and designed to spread Krav Maga around the world in a structured format whilst maintaining the highest level of training.


Eyal continues to develop the system to meet the changing needs of civilians, law enforcement, security & military units. Under his personal supervision, Krav Maga Global operates a team of highly qualified instructors known as the ‘Global and International Team’.


This team are responsible for delivering Krav Maga instructor education, exclusive workshops and specialist courses throughout the world. The New Zealand Krav Maga Instructor team have all completed the intensive Krav Maga Global instructor program and receive ongoing training and seminars with the Global Team.


As a member of Krav Maga Global you will also have the opportunity to attend specialist training events with the Global Team when they visit New Zealand.


Examples of recent events include:

  • Krav Maga Car Safety Seminar

  • Krav Maga Combat Mindset and Mental Conditioning Course

  • Krav Maga 3rd Party Protection Seminar

  • Krav Maga General Instructor Course


Krav Maga Global presently has clubs in AucklandNapier and Wellington and looking to expand to other centers in New Zealand.


KMG Auckland was established in 2016 when Aaron Moore the NZ Director returned from UK. KMG Auckland has gone from strength-to-strength, developing a strong Auckland Krav Maga Instructor Team, launching 2 top quality gyms, and already training many Aucklanders in Krav Maga.


With close ties to KMG internationally and direct support of Eyal Yanilov you can be assured of learning authentic, high quality Krav Maga.

Eyal and aaron
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