• Group Krav Maga classes

    Train regular Krav Maga with a diverse group of students in our weekly group classes. Classes include realistic attack scenarios. You'll get to play both the "victim" and the "attacker", as well as team up in multiple-attacker drills.

    1–2 hr | from $12 (see prices)

  • Group CombatFit classes

    Build the strength and endurance you need for your fights with our high-intensity, combat-inspired, cardio and strength interval classes. The classes are designed based on the training fighters themselves do.

    1 hr | from $12 (see prices)

  • Group MetaFit classes

    Develop strength, power, agility, and cardiovascular efficiency with this interval style training featuring resistance and bodyweight exercises. Designed by a former marine, this class will keep your body burning calories long after your training session.

    45 min | from $12 (see prices)

  • Private sessions

    Working late, need extra training or just want to go at your own pace? Book a private session at a time of your choosing.

    1 hr | $150 ($75 for members)

  • Events and workshops

    Our special workshops and training sessions include among others women self-defense, travel and public safety, road rage and car-jacking.

    Duration and prices vary

  • Corporate training

    Professionals in certain high-risk areas such as journalists, medical staff, security and law enforcement staff, face unique risks. We can train you or your team to deal with work related hazards.

    Duration and prices vary

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We are in Wellington City, NZ

+64 21 169 49 59  |  info@selfdefenceacademy.co.nz

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