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Team Building

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Fun and interactive self-defence workshops for your team that could save lives.

The New Zealand Self-Defence Academy runs 2-hour self-defence workshops with many corporate organizations throughout NZ on how to deal with real life violent encounters.

Your team will learn the system of Krav Maga which is a practical and effective self-defence system that teaches you to prevent and overcome all kinds of violent attacks. Your team will have a good workout, have some fun and enjoy practicing the techniques with their colleagues while having some and a laugh.

Regardless of size, strength, age or gender the system we teach is easy to learn and highly effective.

Includes the following:

  • Preventing and avoiding violent attacks

  • Dealing with knife and common object attacks

  • Defending the most common attacks on the street

  • Defending against headlocks, chokes and grabs

  • ….. and more


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