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Krav Maga Camp By Adam White

wellington krav maga camp

Defence Tactics serve as the cornerstone of practical self-defense, equipping individuals with the knowledge and abilities to safeguard themselves effectively in real-life situations. Comprehending Defence Tactics goes beyond mere physical maneuvers; it encompasses situational awareness, de-escalation techniques, and risk assessment. It empowers individuals to steer clear of conflicts whenever possible and respond proportionately when needed.

Furthermore, Defence Tactics underscore the significance of managing and neutralizing threats without needlessly escalating violence. They are the key to minimizing harm while ensuring personal safety. In the realm of real-world self-defense, Defence Tactics are absolutely indispensable. They boost confidence and foster wise decision-making, making them an essential component of staying secure in an unpredictable world.

You'll have the opportunity to master Defence Tactics, among other valuable skills, at our upcoming Krav Maga Wellington Training Camp from Friday, 1st December to Sunday, 3rd December. RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW LINK This camp welcomes participants of all skill levels and abilities. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Meet Adam White

Adam White



Venue: 6 Vivian Street, Wellington

Cost: $200 (Aud)  Weekend Pass


          $100 (Aud) Saturday or Sunday

Secure Your SPOT  Today !

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