Learn from a true Master

A rare opportunity to train with the head of Krav Maga Global

45 years of experience will teach you how to

  • identify and avoid violent confrontations

  • mentally prepare to face violence

  • quickly and efficiently overcome multiple or stronger opponents

  • protect your loved ones when attacked

Who can attend?

​Anyone! No prior experience required.​

"I am afraid I will get injured."

The seminar is completely safe. Where contact is made it is not forceful. We provide any required pads and shields.

"I am experienced in Krav Maga/other martial art, will I still find it useful?"

Absolutely! The seminar will cover advanced techniques as well. No matter your level, you will learn a lot from training with Eyal and with a wide variety of people.

"I am really unfit."

Anyone can begin to practice Krav Maga, whatever their level of fitenss is. The moves are natural and work efficiently against even stronger attackers.

"I train with another Krav Maga school."

We welcome anyone who wants to train in a respectful environment! Discussions about the different ways Krav Maga is taught are perfectly acceptable. We only ask that you consider wearing plain unbranded clothing.

About Eyal Yanilov


Eyal is the pre-eminant ​Krav Maga master in the world, the founder and head of Krav Maga Global. Master Eyal has been training Krav Maga for 45 years. He was one of the original students and closest assistants of Imi Sde-Or, the creator of Krav Maga, until Imi's death in 1998. Eyal established Krav Maga Global in 2010, continuing Imi's legacy.

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We are in Wellington City, NZ

+64 21 169 49 59  |  info@selfdefenceacademy.co.nz