Bar fight seminar!

Let's smash some bottles this April 29th! (kidding, maybe)

Edwin Peng, Expert Level 2, is visiting Wellington.

Don't let anyone ruin your night out

  • Increase your ability to survive an attacker using glasses and bottles

  • Get fighting edge in a violent confrontation with a knife or multiple attackers

  • Improve your ability to make fast decisions under pressure

Who can attend?

​Anyone! No prior experience required.​

I am afraid I will get injured.

The seminar is completely safe. Where contact is made it is not forceful. We provide any required pads, shields or protective equipment.

I am experienced in Krav Maga/other martial art, will I still find it useful?

Absolutely! No matter your level, you will learn a lot from training with Edwin and with a wide variety of people.

I am really unfit.

Anyone can begin to practice Krav Maga, whatever their level of fitenss is. The moves are natural and work efficiently against even stronger attackers.

I train with another Krav Maga school.

We welcome anyone who wants to train in a respectful environment! Discussions about the different ways Krav Maga is taught are perfectly acceptable. We only ask that you consider wearing plain unbranded clothing.

Time and location

Siglo Bar & Kitchen, 28 Courtenay Place

Mon April 29, 6pm to 8pm

Places are limited!!

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We are in Wellington City, NZ

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