The Team

Andre Maritz

I am Andre Maritz – the director of New Zealand Self Defence Academy.

I am a qualified IKMF Instructor.  I was trained by Tim Alexander (E3) for my CIC part 1, and by Israel Tamir (E3) for part 2 who also graded me as an IKMF instructor. After a year with IKMF I have decided to join up with KMG ( Krav Maga Global ). KMG is in 60 countries and very active by upskilling their instructors and students. 

I am passionate about what Krav Maga offers – not only helping people to learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones, but also to keep fit while learning a valuable skill. Back in South Africa I was the victim of a violent carjacking, and managed to survive relatively unscathed.  From that experience I have taken out the knowledge of what it take to survive an attack both mentally and physically.  My passion was routed after this, to find a self defence system that can be taught in a short timeframe, and then be used effectively in protecting oneself. Through Krav Maga I have found such a system that is effective, easy to learn, builds confidence and is also enjoyable to learn, and good for fitness levels. Krav Maga does is not dependant on your size to defend, but on knowledge.

My 35 years of experience in martial arts stated at a young age with karate where I obtained the grade of Shodan (black belt).  I was very active with karate kumite (fighting) competitions.  From karate I moved into boxing for 2 years, and also continued with boxing while serving in the National Defence Force of South Africa.  Moving into kickboxing enable me to combine the best of my previous arts, which then morphed into 14 years of Muay Thai which included fights.