FROM MATT (Business Manager)

From the moment you begin Krav Maga you realize there is something a little different from other martial arts or self defence systems. A friendly but professional environment supported by a worldwide network of people with detailed and advanced skills awaits to help you. Speed, agility, confidence, team work, stamina, and real life drills, are all key components that are programmed into you as a International Krav Maga Federation practitioner to raise your level of awareness and protection in the real world. Personally I have gained a tremendous amount in a short space of time, including weight loss, confidence, increased discipline, critical self defence and advanced counter-attack techniques, and also made some good new friends.

There are always plenty of people talking about doing things, but never do them, Krav Maga will give you the edge at any age to be motivated to take on what you really want to achieve.

FROM RORY (Corporate Finance Consultant)

My original intention was to do one term of Krav Maga, learn the basics and quit.  But now I’m hooked.  I want to keep going.  Donovan’s instruction is easy to follow and at a pace that everyone can keep up.  He is very supportive of his students.  The techniques are real-world practical and could save your life and they work equally well for women as for men.  It’s good for fitness too.  I have been going to a gym for 20 years and have stayed at the same aerobic fitness level all that time.  Since taking up Krav Maga, my fitness measure has improved to a higher category.  It’s a good balance between hard work and fun and you get to meet a new group of people.

FROM ADAM (Customs Officer)

I first discovered Donovan and his Krav Maga training through an article on stuff.co.nz. Having always wanted to learn some form of self-defence I was motivated to attend one of the free classes he runs before the start of a new term, from the moment I stepped into the gym with him I was hooked. Donovan is an experienced, knowledgeable, professional and approachable trainer who made me feel at ease learning the basic principles of Krav Maga. He instructs with an experienced team of trainers helping him. Having completed one term and successfully graded at the basic level of P1 I have not only gained the ability to defend myself confidently in the street but know I have good skills to use should I need them in my job. Donovan’s training has also increased my fitness, mental toughness and I have made some great new mates. If Krav Maga or self-defence training is something you have wanted to do but never had the chance or confidence I highly recommend Donovan and his team.

FROM JAMIE (Martial Arts Expert)

I had the pleasure of training and coaching Donovan in various Martial Arts for 4 years. I was also involved with Donovan via Personal Training at The Melbourne Training Company. Donovan’s passion and dedication to fitness and Martial Arts is something that cannot be rivaled within the fitness industry.

Donovan is an achiever! He trained in Taekwondo, boxing, kickboxing, BJJ, Hapkido and MMA at the Martial Arts Training Company in Melbourne and in June 2010 received his Black Belt in Taekwondo (recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation). He also received various certificates in other Martial Arts Disciplines as well as achieved a level 6 (senior practitioner) boxing qualification, which enables him to compete, coach and instruct in boxing.

Donovan’s size, fitness and technique makes him a formidable opponent in any martial art, however his polite, respectful, friendly and enthusiastic nature made him an ideal student who was also well respected and liked at the Martial Arts Training Company. He trained extremely hard and always pushed himself out of his comfort zone. A true fitness machine! He was also great with the kids and assisted me with the instruction of kids Taekwondo classes on the weekend as well as assisted new members to the club.

Donovan’s combination of corporate, fitness and Martial Arts experience is a rare mix and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is keen to improve their fitness or health through personal training or anyone in interested in learning martial arts skills.

Besides knowing Donovan through Martial Arts and Personal training, I regard him as my good friend and an all round good bloke. 

Jamie Marsh
Taekwondo 6th Dan/Hapkido 2nd Dan                                                                                                                        
International/National and State Taekwondo
Kickboxing/Boxing Instructor
Self Defence Specialist
Krav Maga Instructor
BJJ Blue Belt