About us

Our very first class offered to the NZ public was on 11th of March 2013. 

While New Zealand is a predominantly safe country, there are still on average 40,000 violent crimes and over 3500 sexual assaults every year. Further to this alcohol and drug fueled violence is increasing and innocent kiwi lives are being ruined as a result.

It is our passion to teach kiwi's Self Defence so that they have the confidence to enjoy thier lives but also have the neccessary skills to protect themselves, thier friends and family from violent confrontations.

NZSDA started with the goal of just offering self defence instruction to the general public but as the business has grown, it has branched into working with many security, law enforcement, corporate and private clients. 

The system of self defence is predominantly Krav Maga which is a system that was developed for the military in Israel in the 1930’s which has been developed and refined into the most effective self defence system in the world currently being used by many military, law enforcement and special force units around the world. While Krav Maga is the main system taught, we pick the best tecniques from other styles of martial arts that have proved effective on the street too. 

The KMG is regarded a global authority on security matters worldwide. All NZSDA students are trained by a qualified KMG Instructor that has been trained and assessed by members of the KMG Global Instructor Team in Israel. NZSDA is affiliated and supported by the KMG (Krav Maga Global). 

We are offering classes in Wellington and soon in Auckland.